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Jul 22, 2024
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Kontraktova square

This is the heart of Podil, one of the oldest squares in the city. Over the centuries, its name has changed several times, but now it has returned the historical name received in the 18th century from merchants who gathered in this place in order to conclude lucrative contracts.

For many travelers, the area becomes a pleasant discovery. After all, this is a place where ancient buildings are not just static monuments, but are used for shops, restaurants and pharmacies.

The most striking sights: Gostiny Dvor, the well-fountain "Samson", ancient buildings in which the Kiev-Mohyla Academy and the National Bank of Ukraine (the former Catherine's Monastery) are located.

You can walk here at any time of the day. In the morning it is nice to walk slowly and admire the local architecture. During the day, people gather in the park near the monument to Peter Sahaydachny, where you can have a delicious meal, refresh yourself with ice cream or drinks, and listen to music.

In the area of the monument to Grigory Skovoroda, kiosks with street food are concentrated. In the evening you can look at Kyiv from the cabin of the Ferris Wheel.

On weekends and holidays, the square turns into a large entertainment area. There are performances by artists, food courts, and various activities. Music and gastronomic festivals are regularly held.

Kontraktovaya Square is especially good during the winter holidays. Guests and citizens are greeted by a decorated Christmas tree, an elegant Christmas market and a skating rink.

Контрактова площадь
Контрактовая площадь