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Jul 22, 2024
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USD: 41.70 / 41.10 | EUR : 45.90 / 44.90

Whisky Corner

ul. Sofievskaya, 16/16

"Whisky Corner" welcomes its guests with a unique whiskey collection, which is collected from many countries. Guests can sample over 900 varieties of whiskey from the United States, India, Ireland, Scotland, and Japan, as well as attend tastings that take place regularly.

From the food, the restaurant serves classic and signature European cuisine. Here you can taste various salads, appetizers, fish and meat dishes. Special attention is given to snack sets and different steaks. Traditional Scottish dishes are also interesting, such as Haggis and Cullen Skink soup.

The interior of the place is in classic European style, where guests can enjoy live music in the spacious hall or in the warm season, on the summer terrace.