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Apr 19, 2024
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Torisho & Izakaya bar

12 Shota Rustaveli Street, Kiev, Ukraine

Izakaya is a format of drinking place that has become traditional in Japan, for getting together with friends after work. You can go to an izakaya for spontaneous relaxation, a drink, a snack, a chat. Often people come here to socialize and order several dishes for company.

Torisho & Izakaya bar captures the casual atmosphere of a Japanese izakaya, an authentic place with modern Japanese food and drinks. The interior design includes neon signs with hieroglyphs, themed paintings, posters, a collection of manga and traditional lanterns.

Fried karaage chicken and seafood dishes are a feature of the menu. There's also tempura, which is more familiar to us. Also on the menu are udon, okonomiyaki (Japanese omelet), gyoza, sushi, burgers, and there are signature desserts. On the minus first floor, in the bar, you can try traditional Japanese drinks: sake, liqueurs, highballs.