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Phone carriers in Ukraine

Fri, 09/09/2022 - 20:51
Author: admin

Mobile communication in Ukraine is not expensive and has good quality in cities. Communication may not be available outside cities and away from major roads. For example, if you are traveling by train, the signal may disappear.

There are three main mobile operators in the country. Everyone has several tariff plans. The main difference between the tariffs is the amount of Internet traffic and minutes of calls. Usually, calls between numbers of the same operator are unlimited and free, so choose the same operator as those you are going to call.


Operator code: 050, 066, 095, 099

How to check the invoice:

  • *101# –
  • 1014# – remaining minutes and megabytes


Operator code: 039, 067, 068, 096, 097, 098

How to check the invoice:

  • * 111# - check the balance of funds in your main account.

  • * 112# — remaining minutes and megabytes


Operator code 063, 073, 093

How to check the invoice:

  • * 111# - shows the balance of funds on the account
  • * 121# - shows the remaining services (minutes of calls, megabytes of internet)

How to buy and connect to a mobile network

To connect, just buy a starter pack. They are available in supermarkets at the checkout, specialty electronics stores, and at the operator's own points of sale.

You don't need your passport or other information. Just buy and insert a SIM card into your phone. The fare conditions are written on the package. If you don't like the terms of the tariff, you can change it to another one.